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BITZER ORBIT Scroll Refrigeration Compressors

The ORBIT series 6 and 8 BITZER scroll compressors for R410A, specially designed for air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

ORBIT compressors guarantee high isentropic efficiency, low noise levels and excellent energy efficiency.With flow rates between 20 and 38 m3 / h (50 Hz) for ORBIT 6 and between 29 and 77 m3 / h (50 Hz) for ORBIT 8, these scroll compressors offer a very wide field of use.

BITZER's Advanced Header Technology (BAHT) patent-pending technology is designed for tandem and trio configurations of scroll compressors and allows to combineeasily compressors of different capacities in air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

The new intake manifold is decisive in this context. It drives the oil in a targeted manner to a compressor, to then distribute it evenly among the other tandem or trio compressors.

The system even works when uneven compressors are connected, as well as with frequency adjustment of a unit compressor.In addition to this, the system offers another important advantage: For oil regulation, active management with oil separator is not necessary.

The BAHT system ensures the distribution of oil between the compressors even when one or two compressors are deactivated.

BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors series 6 and 8 are available for sale on RCP Srl

Author, Riccardo Tigani  Linkedin Page
General Manager at Linea3C Srl

20th May 2019

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