CAREL to Celebrate 50 Years of Innovation and Sustainability at Euroshop 2023

CAREL to Celebrate 50 Years of Innovation and Sustainability at Euroshop 2023 

  Riccardo Tigani (General Manager at Linea3C Srl) |  Linkedin Page    30/03/2023

CAREL will participate at Euroshop’s 2023 edition from February 26 to March 2 (at stand E 01, hall 16) and will be celebrating its first 50 years with sustainable solutions and services to increase energy performance in the commercial refrigeration market.

At a decisive moment in the fight against climate change, CAREL participates in this event by proposing solutions that make it possible to concretely reduce consumption, to counter the problems of increased spending and limit the environmental impact.

The history of sustainability in CAREL began in 1973. Over time, technologies, needs, sensitivities have evolved and with them also the objectives and the means to achieve them. Today, even more than yesterday, the strategy that drives innovation within the Group has its most important interpretation in sustainability. It is precisely within this strategy that the continuous search for solutions developed to guarantee high efficiency and energy savings is inserted, whatever the approach of customers and partners in the construction of refrigeration machines and systems.

The compatibility of its products with the use of natural refrigerants is one of the strengths of CAREL’s offer: It makes it possible to improve the performance of the refrigeration systems while reducing the carbon footprint of the applications that integrate these solutions, optimized thanks to the services digital and connectivity.
Moving from the new controllers for compact CO2 condensing units to a complete range of controllers for refrigerated counters, we arrive at the high-efficiency solutions used on semi-plug-in refrigeration units, both CO2 and propane, as well as with water ring or air-cooled.

The sustainability that CAREL pursues also translates into adaptation and personalization of its solutions to customer needs, minimizing the time to market and the investments necessary to offer combinations that can be easily developed for the various application needs. The reduction of complexity in the design, construction and commissioning of individual units or refrigeration systems is a value that allows concrete savings and facilitates synergy between different units and more energy-intensive areas. The simplicity of customization is not limited to combining existing elements but expands the possibilities of intervention to logical functions at the software level in which CAREL offers great expertise and know-how both in the thermodynamic field and in the final application, as occurs with products designed to meet the needs of commercial refrigeration.

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