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Digitization: How Do Temperature-Regulating Technologies Change

Industry 4.0, domotics, internet of things and 5G. We are not thinking about a distant future, rather about products that will arrive in our homes, our supermarkets and our offices by 2020 (if they haven’t arrived already). But what do they promise?

All the research is continuously devoted to a continuous improvement of the relationship between performance and energy efficiency. But there's more: even services become more and more weighted and compliant with ours needs. Imagine being able to control your heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators and ovens, remotely: coming home, you will not have to wait any longer to enjoy the benefits and you will find them already operational and
set as you like them. The same for supermarkets, which will always offer us a more personalized and calibrated experience no longer solely on energy savings but also on increasingly efficient and functional climate solutions. Work environments can also enjoy a stable climate regulation that adjusts itself according to the seasons and to the external temperature. Therefore, human being daily intervention for regulation will no longer be necessary, so finally, everything will happen more spontaneously and fluently, day after day. Whenever we are not satisfied we would just open the various apps on our smartphones to adjust things and make them just right.

As a result, we can state that refrigeration and air conditioning, as service sectors, are taking full advantage of all the opportunities offered by new digital technologies. In the same way, the industrial sector is also adopting ever more advanced solutions: not only efficient and low-polluting gases but also electronic and digital equipment that even 10 years ago we could have not imagine.
Therefore, the distribution once more must quickly intervene to be able to follow the latest updates and meet the needs of an increasingly fast evolving market.

Digitization: How Do Temperature-Regulating Technologies Change

Author, Andrea Geymet  Linkedin Page
Export Manager at Linea3C Srl

2nd July 2018

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