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HVAC&R: an Industry Sector that Makes Little News about Itself, in Italy as well as Abroad

How many, among common citizens, have heard about HVAC&R? Few. How many of these could explain what it is, what do these letters represent? Very few.

Yet, year after year in Italy, as well as abroad, this sector is growing; it has survived the Subprime crisis and, even in more recent years, which still are characterized by low overall economic growth, the controlled temperature industry is not stopping its progress. Further proof of this is the success of specialized events such as Chillventa and Expocomfort.

Yet, returning to the first statement, this sector always remains in the shadows. The collective imagery tends not to consider it, to leave it hidden, to take it for granted. Nobody wonders how temperatures of shopping malls, cinemas or theaters are kept stable. We do not even ask ourselves how it is possible to keep our food exposed and refrigerated at the same time. By not asking ourselves these questions, we cannot get closer to understanding the work behind all that.

It is worth adding that the more specialized technical figures such as refrigeration technicians and engineers are, at the same time, as demanded by the working life, as neglected by society. This is why Linea 3C S.r.l. not only aims to sell its products, but also to promote them, among both insiders and the public. The goal is to promote brands such as Copeland, BItzer, Danfoss, Frascold, Dorin, Sanyo and Refcomp, making them closer to the collective imagery through real and virtual events that also involve ordinary citizens.

HVAC&R: an Industry Sector that Makes Little News about Itself, in Italy as well as Abroad

Author, Andrea Geymet  Linkedin Page
Export Manager at Linea3C Srl

23rd August 2018

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