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Industrial Conditioning and Refrigeration: A Hidden yet Omnipresent Market

None of us Italians knows the numbers - reserved, in fact, to insiders - which in Italy move the so-called temperature market known today with the international acronym HVAC&R;
(heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). And yet, not only does this business reach staggering figures (world estimates claim that the HVAC&R market has produced a worldwide revenue of 80.67 billion dollars in 2014, and the estimate for 2020 is of 108.93 billion dollars) but, for once, we can say that Italy is the real engine of this growth.

Let's go deeper: we are all used to living with the temperature bent to our needs, to the point that today we take it for granted. We eat frozen foods, we buy fresh products in supermarkets and we consume them in the most diverse places such as restaurants, hotels, delis, finger food... Even vending machines give us cold products (or hot, if necessary), without forgetting that each of these environments are also air-conditioned for most of the year... But how many of us think that, upstream, there is a compressor or, even before that, a distribution chain or that, even more so, this moves such important numbers of which, first of all, we Italians can be proud of: 512 Millions of euros of HVAC&R worldwide exports from Italy only in 2013 out of 922 million products. In other words, over 55% of Italian production is exported. Precisely for this, we know how Italian exports stand today more than ever, not only on the famous 3 F’s of food, furniture and fashion (sectors to which we are all more accustomed) but also increasingly on the light industry.

In 2015, compressors have been the largest segment of the industrial market of refrigeration equipment and accounted for the largest share of the total market. With evaporators, industrial racks and various systems, it represented an over 62% share of the global market of industrial refrigeration components.

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Industrial Conditioning and Refrigeration: A Hidden yet Omnipresent Market

Author, Andrea Geymet  Linkedin Page
Export Manager at Linea3C Srl

16th June 2018

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